Squeeze It!

Melt the candy down and squeeze it out of a disposable decorating bag to make custom designs to go on top of any cake or cupcake. 

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Buy Supplies:
Candy Melts (just choose the colors you want)
Disposable Decorating Bags (I buy them in a box of 50 or 100 at a time)
Decorating tip & Decorating Coupler (optional:  only need if you want to use a bag with a tip.)
Design (I usually print something off my computer)
Wax Paper
Flat Portable Surface (I usually use a cutting board)

Step 1: 
Print out your design.  You can put multiple designs on a sheet as long as you leave a little room between designs.  Here is the test page that I will be using in this tutorial.  If you want to use this test page also you can click on the picture below, then right click the image, do a save as to save it to your computer, then print it out.

Step 2:
Tape your design to your cutting board.
(Picture coming soon)

Step 3:
Put a sheet of wax paper over your design and tape it to the board also.
(Picture coming soon)

Step 4: (see Step 4-5 (optional) below if you want to use a bag with a tip)
Put some candy melts in your disposable decorating bag and put in the microwave.  Follow the directions on the candy melts bag on how to melt them.  ONLY MELT ONE COLOR AT A TIME.  You will usually start with the color that you want to outline your design in first and then move on to the fill colors.
(Picture coming soon)

Step 5:
Barely cut the tip off the end of the bag.  Because the bags have creases on the sides of the bag, your opening will not be a round opening when you go to squeeze the candy out.  So I usually push in the creased sides of the bag together down by where you cut the tip off.  This will cause the small opening you cut to be more of a round opening instead of wanting to flatten out.
(Picture coming soon)

Step 6:
Squeeze the candy melts out of the bag following the outline of your design. 
(Picture coming soon)

Step 7:
Allow the outline to harden.  You can put the cutting board into your fridge for a few minutes to hurry this process up.

Step 8:
Melt another color to use as your fill color (See step 4-5).  Squeeze the candy melts onto your design where you want that color.  Tap your cutting board onto your counter top to make sure the color settles into all the cracks and doesn't leave any air holes. If you have multiple fill colors you will repeat this step until you have completed all fill colors. If you want to make your design thicker just go over the whole design with a final color to add some depth to the finished product.   
(Picture coming soon)

Step 9:
Let fill colors harden.  You can put the cutting board back into the fridge to speed this process up again.

Step 10:
Once the whole design is hardened you can peel it off the wax paper and flip it over to see the final design.
(Picture coming soon)

Step 11:
Place the candy melt design on a cake or cupcake for a custom made topper.
(Picture coming soon)

Step 4-5 (optional)
Melt the candy in bowls.  Get your disposable decorating bag ready by cutting the end off and adding the coupler and tip you want (a #2 tip will probably work).  Pour your candy melts into your prepared bag.