What are candy melts?  They are small wafers of easily melted candy that is oh so yummy.  They come in a wide range of colors for all your creative needs.  I usually use Winton brand candy melts.  Here is a link to Wilton's website so you can check them out.

Where can I buy candy melts?  I usually get mine at a craft store like Michaels (make sure to remember to use their coupons) or at a store like Wal-mart.  You may even be able to find them in your local grocery store. 

How do you melt the candy melts?  Follow the directions on the bag of course.  I usually use the microwave way.  Just remember to lower the power level on your microwave so you don't over heat them.

Can I color the candy melts?  There is special candy coloring you can buy.  Here is a link to Wilton's website showing one of the coloring sets to use with candy melts.  If you are making the candy clay you can also use regular icing coloring gel but make sure to knead the coloring in after you let the clay rest over night.  But of course you could just buy the color of melts that you wanted because they come in so many colors already and save a step.

Can you flavor the candy melts?  You sure can.  Wilton makes that also, here is that link.