Saturday, April 7, 2012

Candy Melt Covered Oreos

So Easter is coming up fast and I was looking for a quick idea for a dessert that the kids could help with.  I found it in Wilton's Easter Cookie Candy Mold and it was only about $2 at Michaels.  We had fun making these and have actually used it a fun project when my daughter had a friend over because they are so fast and easy to make.

So here it is a picture of all the stuff you will need.  The mold (note the ripped instruction sheet for the daughter was a little too excited to start making them), Candy melts or almond bark, Oreos and ziploc bags.  You will first need to melt your candy melts in the ziploc bags.  Follow the directions on the package, it's usually 30 seconds on 50% power then repeat until melted. 

Then barely clip the corner of the ziploc bag so you can squeeze the candy out into your mold.  (The bag also makes for easy clean up.)  Your kids can help with this.  You can either use one color to fill in the shape on the bottom of the mold or you can just let your kids go crazy like I did.  Then you will want to tap the mold to get the candy to settle and release any air bubbles.  If you are going to use a different color on the top of this color you will want to put the mold in the freezer at this time.  Usually 5 minutes will do. Otherwise go to the next step.

After you take it out of the freezer if you are doing the 2 colors or after you have put in one color if you are just doing one color you will need to put your Oreos in the mold.  Lightly press the Oreos into the candy melts if you press too hard the cookie will show through the candy.  I would not recommend filling the molds as much as I did in the picture above.  I'll show you  the difference next but I found there to be WAY too much candy on the cookies.  I prefer to just have the top cookie covered and not the filling and the bottom cookie otherwise it is just too sweet.  You will want to put the mold in the freezer for probably another 5-10 minutes.  After the candy has hardened you should be able to easily pop them out of the mold then you can repeat and make another batch.

Ok, here is the batch that my daughter helped with (she enjoys coloring outside the lines, can you tell?).  These were the problems with this batch; cookie showing through candy melts from pushing down too hard, bubbles from not tapping candy melts and WAY too much candy coating on the Oreos.

So take two.  Below is another batch I made.  This time I only used one color at a time. They turned out pretty good but some problems with this batch was not enough candy melts on some and I still pressed down too hard and the Oreos showed thru.  Oh, well they tasted good and I don't think anyone but me really cared about the flaws.