Friday, November 11, 2011

Candy Clay Flowers

If you've seen my Rapunzel Birthday Cake on my partycrafting blog (click here) and wanted to know how to make those great flowers from modeling chocolate (aka candy clay) you've come to the right place.  This was my first time making modeling chocolate so I was learning as I was going along but the flowers turned out really good and were very easy to make.

Step 1:  Make your candy clay.  See the Form it! area of my blog for directions on how to make your own.
Step 2:  Get a star cookie cutter and Wilton's flower ejector set

Step 3:  Put some of the clay on some wax paper and fold the wax paper over on top of the candy clay.

Step 4:  Roll the candy clay flat to be 1/8 in thick or a little thinner.

Step 5:  Use the cutter of your choice to cut the shape out.

Step 6 (Large Flowers):  I took some aluminum foil and rolled it into a small ball and formed the flower around it.  Then let it dry.  After it gets hard you can flip it over and remove the foil ball and you will have a perfectly shaped flower. 

Step 6 (Small Flower):  For the small flowers I used the ejector to cut the flowers out.  If the shapes stick to the inside of the cutter you can use the ejector to push the shape out.  This will cause it to give it a flower shape.  If your clay is a little dry like mine and didn't stick to the cutter you can just cut the shapes out and then shape them with your hands or you can put the flower in your palm and push the ejector stick into the middle to form it into a flower.

Step 7:  Place the flowers on your cake or cupcakes and pipe a small dot in the middle of each flower.  You can also add a little edible glitter if you want them to sparkle.