Friday, November 11, 2011

Candy Clay Flowers

If you've seen my Rapunzel Birthday Cake on my partycrafting blog (click here) and wanted to know how to make those great flowers from modeling chocolate (aka candy clay) you've come to the right place.  This was my first time making modeling chocolate so I was learning as I was going along but the flowers turned out really good and were very easy to make.

Step 1:  Make your candy clay.  See the Form it! area of my blog for directions on how to make your own.
Step 2:  Get a star cookie cutter and Wilton's flower ejector set

Step 3:  Put some of the clay on some wax paper and fold the wax paper over on top of the candy clay.

Step 4:  Roll the candy clay flat to be 1/8 in thick or a little thinner.

Step 5:  Use the cutter of your choice to cut the shape out.

Step 6 (Large Flowers):  I took some aluminum foil and rolled it into a small ball and formed the flower around it.  Then let it dry.  After it gets hard you can flip it over and remove the foil ball and you will have a perfectly shaped flower. 

Step 6 (Small Flower):  For the small flowers I used the ejector to cut the flowers out.  If the shapes stick to the inside of the cutter you can use the ejector to push the shape out.  This will cause it to give it a flower shape.  If your clay is a little dry like mine and didn't stick to the cutter you can just cut the shapes out and then shape them with your hands or you can put the flower in your palm and push the ejector stick into the middle to form it into a flower.

Step 7:  Place the flowers on your cake or cupcakes and pipe a small dot in the middle of each flower.  You can also add a little edible glitter if you want them to sparkle.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Candy Tiara

This is a tiara that I made out of candy clay for a Rapunzel themed party.  For the tiara template I used a printable from Disney's Family's website.  You can find it here .  I then made 2 small folds on each side of the printout so that the bottom of the tiara would be straight instead of curved (make a copy of this version to use later).  Once I did that I taped it around a salt container (the big thing of salt you buy from the grocery store not a salt shaker).  If you want a larger diameter for the crown use a small oatmeal container or any other round container to tape your template to.  Then wrap the template with wax paper and tape that to the container also.  Then you will need to make your candy clay (see the Form It! tab of this blog).  My next step was rolling some of the clay really thin and cutting it to size to cover the whole template.  To do this I laid some cling wrap over the rolled out clay and put my copy of the template over it.  Then used a pen to go around the outline of the tiara.  This will leave an indention in the rolled out clay that you can use to cut the clay giving you the exact size you need.  Then lay this clay cutout over the template that you have taped to your salt container moving it around until it fits into the template area of the tiara on the salt container.  This gave me a background to apply all my elements of the tiara to.  Then I took my copy of the tiara and put some wax paper over it.  This gave me a way to get the elements all the right size before applying them to the tiara.  You don't have to follow the template exactly just do what you think looks best to you.  I added more jewels to mine and some swirls to get the design that I ended up with.  I also added some edible glitter to make it sparkle.  The clay can get pretty soft working with it so I put my tiara into the fridge to harden up until I was ready to put it on the cake.  I also put the cake back in the fridge when I was done with it just to make sure that the crown would stay hard and not start getting soft and falling over.  Have fun making your own tiaras out of candy clay.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dip it! Pinterest Pictures

Here is another one of the boards I made to keep track of all the great ways to dip things in candy melts.   Make sure you "Follow" all my boards so you can easily find all these great ideas for future reference.  Just click the screen print below of my pinterest board to go see all the great ideas I've found so far.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Squeeze it! Pinterest Pictures

I've found a new love and it's name is Pinterest.  I've spent way too much time lately looking at this website getting far to many new ideas of things I want to try to make and far too little time actually making things.  Which has also caused me to not have any new blog posts on here for quite some time.  So I've decided to make a Pinterest board with some of the candy melt ideas I've found from around the net.  I'm going to be making boards for each of my other candy melt themes also but for now I'll post my one board.  Click on the Pinterest screen print below to be taken to Pinterest to see all the Squeeze It! ideas I've found so far. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dipped & Heart Decorated Marshmallows

Candy Melts
Disposable Decorating Bags
Wax Paper

Step 1:
Take some candy melts and put them in a disposable decorating bag and melt them in the microwave.  Squeeze out some heart shapes on some wax paper.  Let the candy get hard.

Step 2:
Put some candy melts in a bowl along with a little vegetable shortening (this will thin out your dip).  Melt according to the directions on the candy melt bag.  Stir after melting to make sure there are no solid pieces left. 

Step 3:
Dip half of the marshmallow down into your melted candy dip.  Flip over and set on wax paper.

Step 4:
Apply one of your heart shaped candies on top of the marshmallow while the dip is still soft.  Let the dip coating harden then serve.  These would be really cute on a tray along with cookies for a baby shower or a girls birthday party.

Cookies Dipped & Drizzled with Candy Melts

Buy Supplies:
Candy Melts (just choose the colors you want)
Disposable Decorating Bags (I buy them in a box of 50 or 100 at a time)
Wax Paper
Step 1:
Put candy melts into a microwaveable dish that is going to be wide & deep enough to dip your cookies into.  Get your cookies out.  I am using some sugar & cocoa cutout cookies here but any cookie would work.

Step 2:
Melt the candy melts in the microwave following the directions on the bag.  Stir after microwaving to make sure there are no unmelted pieces of candy melts.

Step 3:
Dip the cookies into the candy melts.  If you find the candy melt coating is too thick you can thin it out by adding a little vegetable shortening into the candy melts.  You may have to microwave and then stir after adding the shortening to get it all blended in to make the dip thinner.

Step 4:
Tap the cookie on the side of your bowl to remove excess coating then scrape the candy melts off the bottom of the cookie.

Step 5:
Lay your dipped cookies onto wax paper to dry.

Step 6:
Put a different color of candy melts into the disposable decorating bags and melt them in the microwave.  (see Squeeze It! method)  Then drizzle the candy over your dipped cookies. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogging About My Love of Candy Melts

Welcome to my new blog that will be dedicated fully to my love with candy melts.  I have used candy melts for years to make designs for my kids birthday cakes and have decided to start a blog to help others by posting candy melt tutorials and ideas.  Candy melts are so versital you can pour them into molds, dip things in it to give a coating of candy, make them into a candy clay to form things out of it or you can squeeze it out to make flat designs to go on top of cakes or cupcakes.  Check out the tabs on my blog (Pour It!, Dip It!, Form It! and Squeeze It!) for tutorials and pictures to give you some ideas of what you can do with candy melts.  I am just starting this blog so check back often for new tutorials and ideas of how to use candy melts to make creations of your own.